Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Hey y'all.

So today i will admit...that I love Ikea, by default.

First of all, let me preface this by saying that every time I go into Ikea, I have to eat a huge meal. Otherwise, my head quickly begins swimming and I can't understand why all my energy has been sapped.


Recently, I moved all the way into Josh's studio apartment here in Cincy. TINY. And before these magical Ikea trips, pretty dang sucky. The walls suck, the floor is crappy, the space was too crowded, EVERYTHING. He had all this furniture just falling apart, and finally, I was tired of it.

And WAZAAAM! For under 150 buckaroonies, we got new curtains, a new rug, and GIANT storage shelf, two plates, and some Ikea bags that have completely changed the ENTIRE ROOM. Now, I don't feel like crying when I go home. Now, I feel like lounging around all morning long if I could (but I can't because i work.) :)

It's really very amazing.

We also got a rolling garment rack from The Container Store because our entire closet fell down. What's that? I didn't mention the "broke," and "college graduate" part of the story?

and while we're at it, I got a thirty dollar pair of amazing green suede pants from Anthropologie. I need some blouses! Wowweee!


  1. Is that your place in the top picture?! I see a long dress! ;) And I LOVE that you put your clothes in rainbow order -- I do that too! Looks great! How exciting about your place!!! =)

  2. Yes, oh yes, it is!
    The place is awesome.
    I just want to lounge around in it all the time now. :)
    I wore a maxi for july 4! I wish i had some great photos to show you!

  3. I have that same bookshelf thing-a-majiggy. It makes a great place for books and cats

  4. HAHAHA! cats!

    Seriously though, I plan on getting that same exact shelf for my next place. It's amazing.