Thursday, February 23, 2012

life lately: 4

there's nothing more sad than a pile of valentines still waiting to be sent.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

life lately: 2

wedding pics

so my mom's a photographer.
she shoots pics all the time.
of all kinds of things.

last year
a really close friend of mine from high school
got married


she's gorgeous.

i was beside myself.
so i grabbed my mom's camera.
got katie and her new husband alone for two minutes
and click click click click click

got these photos.
i found them again today on facebook.
and was just delighted to see such a beautiful friend.

Monday, February 13, 2012

best weekend ever

i was a lazy girl this weekend.

i'm house sitting.

aaron helped. <3

we made food
slept in
took a freaking intense yoga class
went and made mousse together at the best bakery in cincinnati.

i saw a show with ashley
learned i still have a chance for a role i'm perfect for.

watched more movies than i can count
played with more cats than i've ever played with in my life

went grocery shopping
dinner making
mousse eating
cuddle inducing.

best weekend ever
a weekend of being me.

so freaking adorable: bonjour poupette

Sunday, February 12, 2012



your story is important to me.

you changed the way i live my life.

thank you

for teaching us all how to live.

love, always.


no idea where i found this online
if that's your kid, congrats.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

sweet girl dresses

Valentine's Day is coming up.
And i love it.
mainly because i love to wear lots of pink and hearts

in fact
i'm willing to bet that if i had free reign on my wardrobe
it'd be full of pink
and red
and blush
and maroon
and hearts

so vday.
has me dreaming.

of looking like a sweet lady in love.

and there's a cute store next to my apartment
with a beautiful red polka dot dress in the display window

 i see it every day
twice a day
and i love it

but this little cutie
with the belt above
would more than make me the happiest lady in the world.
shoot! if only!

will lead to good things

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


these are a sz 8
and obviously belong in my wardrobe.
cowboy boots

do i even need to say more?

the perfect summer 2012 boot.

paris vs. new york

by Vahram Muratyan

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

how to have a good time at the cheesecake factory

1. don't judge me. i went there.

2. order an appetizer. marvel at how gigantic it is when it arrives, how much fewer calories you'll be eating than a regular entree, and the fact that it's 1/3 the cost of a normal dinner plate, and far closer to an appropriate size.

3. go with a friend and drown your sorrows/celebrate your joys. the cheesecake factory is about indulgence, obvs. if you're gonna go, pour yourself into a freaking booth and indulge in opening up your heart. you should walk out feeling better that you left it all out on the dance floor--wait. that's if you're drinking mojitos. if not, you left it in the bread basket.

4. order cheesecake. eat what you want. don't eat the crappy parts. don't stuff yourself. sure, they sell you on their giant portions and make you feel like you're getting an extravagant treat, but don't kid yourself. they're LUCKY to have you in, seeing how blatantly they abuse their prices and nutritional value.  be picky. enjoy yourself. don't kill yourself.

5. take an effing coupon. i searched the internet ahead of time for one, didn't find one, but wished i had. find one. take it. use it. the end.