Tuesday, January 31, 2012

february events in downtown farmersville

could it be any cuter?
February 2012 in Downtown Farmersville:
Are you interested in running for City Council? You may pick up a candidate packet at City Hall after Feb 4; return the packet by March 5. Elections are May 12. Info: City Secretary Edie Sims, 972-782-6151

Saturday, February 4: Farmers & Fleas Market: at the Onion Shed, 9 AM - 3 PM. Vendor spaces are available. Contact the Main Street office for info...
: 972-784-6846.

Wednesday, February 8: Chamber of Commerce monthly board meeting, 8 AM at the Best Center. Open to the public. 972-782-6533

Wednesday, February 8: Chamber of Commerce monthly members luncheon: 11:30 AM at Mr. Jim’s Pizza. Speaker: Kim Smith-Cole, KSC Accounting. RSVP to Chamber office, 972-782-6533

Saturday, February 11: Country Music Opry at Main Street Music Hall. Doors open 6:30 PM, show starts 7:30 PM. Tickets $7. 972-782-6778. 135A S. Main.

Monday, February 13: 4B Board Meeting, 5:45 PM at the Best Center. Open to the public. Agenda can be found on the city’s website,

Tuesday, February 14: Farmersville Quilt Guild meeting 7 PM, Civic Center, guests are welcome. You don’t have to be a quilter! More info: Joan 972-853-0730

Tuesday, February 14: City Council Meeting 6 PM. Open to the public. Agenda can be found on the city's website,

Wednesday, February 15: Farmersville Downtown Merchants Association meeting - open to the public! 9 AM at Best Center.

Thursday, February 16: Garden Club meeting: 7 PM, Civic Center. Info: Doretha Hatten, 972-782-6461

Saturday, February 18: Gospel Music Show 7 PM at Wanda’s Music Store, 208 McKinney, 972-782-7363

Tuesday, February 21: Main Street Board meeting, 5 PM, Best Center 154 S. Main. Open to the public. Agenda can be found on the city’s website,

Saturday, February 25: Annual Historical Society Spring Luncheon and Style Show, includes live entertainment, silent auction and door prizes! Tickets $15 available at Dyer Drug, Main Street Antiques, and Fiber Circle. Info: Patti Walker 817-939-4964

Saturday, February 25: Country Music Opry at Main Street Music Hall. Doors open 6:30 PM, show starts 7:30 PM. Tickets $7. 972-782-6778. 135A S. Main.

Saturday, February 25: Clay Potter Auction, 138 S. Main, 11 AM – 2 PM. Antiques, furniture, collectibles, d├ęcor, oddities, etc.
www.clayapotter.com 214-325-4430

Tuesday, February 28: City Council Meeting 6 PM. Open to the public. Agenda can be found on the city's website,

Thank you for all you do to make Downtown Farmersville a great place to work, live and shop!

Monday, January 30, 2012

i'm not gonna lie

i've been feeling a little not bloggety lately.

but because i believe in my blog
and because a lot of amazing things are actually happening in my life.
blogging shall continue.

but it'll be kinda small.
like, pics.
with hyperlinks.
and they'll be cute.

but that's it.

till i come again, soon. 
lllooooooove you all.

one day i shall have this

i just showed it to aaron
and said, hey one day when i want this
remember this photo and build it
then he looked at it
and said, "how much are they charging for that?"
160 dollars.
160 DOLLARS?!?! he said

Sunday, January 29, 2012

little happenings

I accidentally made a cake yesterday.


I borrowed three eggs from Aaron on Saturday to take to my house.

"Don't you want to put those on a bag or something," he asked.

I looked at him.

He looked at me.

You're crazy, I said, these are better in my hands.

Then I carried them. Held them closely to my lap. Left them blatantly in the front seat when we went into a store and just barely saw and remembered before sitting on them again.

Carried groceries, bags, a metal baking pan all clunking into the foyer of my apartment, three eggs in hand.

Made it into the elevator, the metal pan shifted, aaaaaannnnnnd CLOONK.
Pan slit egg.
One tiny little slit.

"looks like I'm making a cake!" I delighted to Aaron. :)

And I did, and it was delicious.
Happy Cakes for Happy Things.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

a tavola

a tavola

we went there
for a date
that was mostly a thank you
because i threw up all saturday night
and aaron made sure i didn't drown or wash in my own bile.

"it's proof i love you," he says.
"i could have just let you lie there and die."

so apparently not letting me die = incomparable love

now you know.

ANyway, i was beyond grateful.
and beyond grateful means something nice.

i took him out.
and for MONTHS aaron has been trying to go to a tavola
which for some reason or another,
has never worked out.

well, it was a wednesday.

tonight was the night.

and we never go out, never.
so i showered
and curled my hair
and put on what little bit of my Good Make-Up I actually have left (that shiz is expensive!)
and wore heels
and met aaron for dinner.

here's what i have to say about a tavola, and i wish it wasn't so persnickety:

the tables are too big.


i sat a grand canyon across from my boyfriend.
that's not fun!
look, a lady that's pretty and out on a date and wanting a little TLC
wants to be able to sidle up next to a date, right?
she wants yon date to look in her eyes and tell her she's gorgeous and for their feet to touch comfortably while they bask in the glory of oven baked pizza.

which, by the way, is AMAZINGLY GOOD.
yeah, their pizza is pretty darn tasty.
we had the artichoke, bacon on half (aaron's half,)
and a follow-up of salted caramel ice cream.
hello! that's the way to do it right! 

and it was ttttttaaaasssstttttty
and fresh
and a little bit grilled in the good way
that makes you think of your mom making pancakes in a cast-iron skillet
very yum.

so that was all good.

and the decor is cool.
sleek, sophisticated, modern.
our table was beautiful, i kept wanting to touch it and love it and feel how smooth it was
but aaron was soo far away from me
that the very long table just didn't contribute to a cozy time.
i would have had to work very hard to lean across the table to connect with him
and jesus christ i'd look like an idiot doing that.

easily, i could have moved my chair to the side, caddy-cornering with aaron
but sheesh, i was all self-conscious and didn't.
i should have.
maybe i will next time.

all in all, a tavola is tasty tasty, but not my favorite restaurant of all time in cincinnati.
i'm really in love with taste of belgium
but i've only been for lunch
weeeeeellll, maybe not that much.
but a lot.

lauren w

contacted me
for a photo shoot

i googled the hell out of her

found out she was born in honolulu
and her pictures are pretty rad.

bonus! they fit my aesthetic.
we scheduled a shoot this sunday
and i'm kind of hoping it's dreary and cold.
i could rock the shit out of sucky weather.
suddenly, everyone will be prancing around throwing dead twigs and grass into the air
"Oh, this? i'm so posh. it's coooooold."

just kidding.
orrr aaaaammmmm iiii?

now i'm having fun planning my wardrobe.
i want to wear overalls and have sexy red lips.
where the hell can i find some overalls on such short notice?!

^did you see what i did there? pun, intended, snark snark

i also want to wear a gorgeous princess skirt and a t-shirt
but ye! that shall have to wait!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

brothers and honkytonks

so aaron met my brothers.
this is that story.

turns out, aaron and i drove fourteen hours through the night
down to texas
to meet my family
him, for the first time,
on the celebration of my twin sisters' 18th birthday
in a texas dancehall honkytonk
(the website calls it a "nightclub" and "steakhouse." ssssuuuuuuuuure)

sounds like a movie, right?
YEAH, you are telling me.

here's the thing about me.

if YOU
i will fall in love with you.

end of story.

turns out my family ARE dancing fools.
which is not a surprise, seeing as my parents met in a dance clas 27 years ago.
well, i'm not that great of a dancer.
i mean, i get it, i can learn,
but nobody has ever taken me in their arms and swung me around often enough
for me to really internalize the rythym and flow of dancing.

while i spent four years acting and moving and vocalizing in college
my brothers spent four + years drinking beer and
country/western dancing and studying a little bit, in college
they obviously have the upper hand.

turns out,
this brother,

mainly, because he's a big guy.
we all somewhat love it.
he's huge.
he's a recent marine.
and he's starting to be a pretty cool guy.

i danced with him ONCE.
"just hold onto my hands," he said.
and then he threw me ALL OVER THE DANCE FLOOR
and it looked like i was an EXPERT.
no mind that i was sweaty and dripping and my hands were slipping
no mind my boots were a size too big.
no mind.

when we finished dancing,
because tim is a PHENOMENAL DANCER.

always dance with tim.
my new advice.
always dance with tim.

aaron and tim had a rough start
because tim is a big butthead.

but aaron's a good guy
and softened him out
and they worked their way through it in the end.

this brother
told me that he's a pretty poor dancer
which, of course,
is debatable,
given the fact that he's telling me to not pick my feet up and shuffle around and then freaking out because his sisters have boobs and eeeeeewwwwwww.

jared is sweet as pie, though.
dancing with him is sweet as stars.
he loves being nice
and he's chill as can be.

dancing with jared is a shuffle of toes and knees
but worth it every moment of the day.

jared's the nicest one, probably. :)
duane's pretty nice, too.
but jared offered his hand, meeting aaron,
and asked a lot of questions.

jared is tim's ringmaster
tim does/says something dumb
and jared reigns him in
such an important dynamic. :P

this brother

dancing with him is like dancing with a ten year old.


chester and i took dance lessons together.
his head is near my boobs
and we're cantering and careening around the dance floor
step step slide
step step slide
step step slide

he's the BEST!
such light and magic and sparkle in his eyes
he experiences the world
is responsible for learning

he proved to be a very good dance partner

and a very good buddy for all involved.

i love chester! he's always up for hanging out.
the whole trip he did all kinds of things with us!
he went to paciugo and mckinney
to the gaylord texan
made gingerbread houses
went gun shooting
chester is le cool.

color palettes

inspiration comes in so many forms.




Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012


Hell.Then I confesse
523: Here on my knee, before high heauen and you,
524: That before you, and next vnto high heauen, I loue your
525: Sonne:
526: My friends were poore but honest, so's my loue:
527: Be not offended, for it hurts not him
528: That he is lou'd of me; I follow him not
529: By any token of presumptuous suite,
530: Nor would I haue him, till I doe deserue him,
531: Yet neuer know how that desert should be:
532: I know I loue in vaine, striue against hope:
533: Yet in this captious, and intemible Siue.
534: I still poure in the waters of my loue
535: And lacke not to loose still; thus Indian like
536: Religious in mine error, I adore
537: The Sunne that lookes vpon his worshipper,
538: But knowes of him no more. My deerest Madam,
539: Let not your hate incounter with my loue,
540: For louing where you doe; but if your selfe,
541: Whose aged honor cites a vertuous youth,
542: Did euer, in so true a flame of liking,
543: Wish chastly, and loue dearely, that your Dian
544: Was both her selfe and loue, O then giue pittie
545: To her whose state is such, that cannot choose
546: But lend and giue where she is sure to loose;
547: That seekes not to finde that, her search implies,
548: But riddle like, liues sweetely where she dies.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

shakin' it up


I would not be thy executioner,
1780: I flye thee, for I would not iniure thee:
1781: Thou tellst me there is murder in mine eye,
1782: 'Tis pretty sure, and very probable,
1783: That eyes that are the frailst, and softest things,
1784: Who shut their coward gates on atomyes,
1785: Should be called tyrants, butchers, murtherers.
1786: Now I doe frowne on thee with all my heart,
1787: And if mine eyes can wound, now let them kill thee:
1788: Now counterfeit to swound, why now fall downe,
1789: Or if thou canst not, oh for shame, for shame,
1790: Lye not, to say mine eyes are murtherers:
1791: Now shew the wound mine eye hath made in thee,
1792: Scratch thee but with a pin, and there remaines
1793: Some scarre of it: Leane vpon a rush
1794: The Cicatrice and capable impressure
1795: Thy palme some moment keepes: but now mine eyes
1796: Which I haue darted at thee, hurt thee not,
1797: Nor I am sure there is no force in eyes
1798: That can doe hurt.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

have you ever seen two bloggers at lunch?

so my new real-life friend, lara,
and I both had an audition today.

and surprise surprise!
if we hadn't scheduled it for the same day before we ever knew that we'd be friends.

and as luck would have it, our auditions were one auditioner apart.
and as even more luck would have it,
loves groupon
and bought a groupon to tom + chee
and she was gracious enough to share.


and man oh man, if we didn't do it well.

first can i say this:
two bloggers, at lunch, is very easy to spot, and very funny to see.
we take pictures of our food.
we talk about colors.
we talk about stories and as we're living the moment, living the lunch date,
we're both probably writing our respective recollections of the event for our blogs.

lara's blog is more grand-scheme than mine;
she writes full reports of her day, her life
and i blip in and out about mine

but here we were!
dying in heaven!

i went pretty conventional: three cheese grilled cheese + chunky tomato basil soup

totally onolicious.
basically, whatever is good about a grilled cheese is made even better at tom + chee
they have no magic ingredients, no ridiculous bread
they're just effing normal and good
and that is tasty as hell to me.

the bread practically melted away into my chunky tomato soup
and whether or not this should or should not alarm you
it pleased me to no end. it was so yummy!

lara got REAL crazy and ordered the grilled cheese donut,
which, as a new pansy,
i decided not to in case it upset my stomach and ruined the rest of what was being a perfect day.

she contemplated putting brie, pesto, and hummus on it,
and lord knows, i've not yet heard whether or not it has made her vomit.

but she ate it, god willing,
and i applaud her.

lara blogs it over here.
hers is better.
go read it.

Happy Birthday Mom!

damn near perfect

so basically
everything that could be done in my apartment
has been done.

everything is moved in.
my free furniture/dishes/fabrics are arranged/organized/utilizied.

and framed four others.

i'm collected and posted recipes on a corkboard,
used my refrigerator as a whiteboard.

which is now stuffed
and jam packed
with all my books/office tools/crafting supplies.

my closet is organized and utilized.

my bathroom neat, clean, and happening.

and sure.

but the place is pretty much damn near perfect as i can make it right now.
and that, my friends, is something to love.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Aaron and I saw "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo," yesterday
at a Sunday matinee
which is obviously the strangest combo ever to see this movie in,

and i'm very obsessed with it right now.

one of those things that grows and sticks with you, ya know?

so here's the deal.
i've never read the books.
and the movie is intense.

i looked at pics of the european version of this film online, and i'm going to say that i like the american Lisbeth Salander better.

she looks more innocent.
more actually like she might be 23.

which is incredible, that this character is actually this age.

i mean, this character KICKS SO MUCH SERIOUS ASS.
she's understated.
and perfect.
and spot on.

and i mean, i super have the hots for Daniel Craig, i totally, completely, irresponsibly do.
but i'm losing it over this fictional character Lisbeth Salander.

that's why i'm obsessed.

so the movie.
the movie is good.
the movie is reaaaallly good.
there's a couple of serious graphic scenes that can srsly f*ck you up if you're not prepared for them
do not see this movie with your mom
or your sensitive girlfriend(s)

it's not that kind of flick.
ideally, you need to see this film with someone that you don't have to worry about their feelings.
then, the two of you can sit back, experience the movie, and walk out of it kinda upset but super on board.

daniel craig is perfect in it.
rooney mara, as lisbeth, is amazingly impressive.

i mean, here she is in the movie:

and here she is in real life:


it'll mess you up if you think too much about it.
"Girl with the Dragon Tattoo"

the story works.
the characters work.
the relationships work.
the conflicts/differences/situations work.

it's super freaky
but so, so good.

a story that begs to be told.

moments we click


Aaron: Quit being a retard.

Me: But I'm so good at it, Aaron.

feeling southwest-y

Monday, January 16, 2012

nom nom snaaaaaacks

the bookshelf

i'm slowly and continuously re-arranging, arranging, re-arranging, imagining in my apartment.

and i needed a bookshelf.

"don't buy that!" aaron cried.
"i could make that for you in an hour and a half!"

so he did.
and i fell in love with him forever.

Saturday, January 14, 2012


i've been checking plane tickets online.
planning my dream vacation to paris. <3

checking plane tickets
planning my dream vacation
is, honestly, silly.

i paid bills this week and had 53 dollars left to spend on gas/grocery for the week.
i have an even larger bill due
that will leave me with $0 left to spend on gas/grocery for the week.

wherever i am in my life right now
it's not in paris,
and only in paris,
in my most beautiful dreams.

the best is yet to come.