Saturday, August 6, 2011

Rupert Grint and Maggie Smith

Saw the final Harry Potter movie the other day, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part2, and it leads me to stand by my original belief, made years ago when I saw the first Harry Potter movie, that Rupert Grint is the only good "child" actor in that movie, and Maggie Smith is AMAZING, blowing everyone else AWAY.

Seriously, let's talk about Maggie Smith a little more right now. How did she get so good? Could it be that she acted with Sir Laurence Olivier in countless Shakespeares? It could be. It could also be that she is just that good. Every time I see her, she just knocks my socks off. I could only HOPE to one day be as good and as amazing as Maggie Smith.

And Rupert Grint? A Total Natural. Sure, Daniel Radcliffe gets all the hoopla, doing a Broadway show (How to Succeed in Business without Even Trying,) and making racy marks all over London (Equus,) but if there's one thing that's been consistent throughout the entire Harry Potter series, it's that his character remains one-dimensional, and Daniel Radcliffe doesn't actually relax and breathe on stage. Rupert Grint, however, is unbelievable. He's such a natural, so relaxed, so alive, so full, and a delight to watch onscreen. Both Harry and Herminone look somewhat contrived onscreen, waiting, stiff, and boring. But I always love ANY SCENE with Rupert Grint in it. YAY Rupert!

Oh, and the Harry Potter movie? It was okay. The books got kinda crazy at the end, and there's no way a movie could do any of them justice. So it's epic, heightened, and a little crazy. They were always only kinda so-so.

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  1. i love harry potter and my favorite chacater is professor magonigal or how ever you spell it