Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm not much one for traditional bridesmaids dresses...

but i can't help but love these.

especially if they were all in various greens.

i'd even wear them out at night.

oooh except how perfect this one is.

in the yellow.

the marigold.


oooh if only i could remember

where i found this online

"with kate"

from etsy somewhere

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things to Wear to an Audition

Jesus Christ, I'm working hard to put my best foot forward. If only i could buy some new audition clothes! If only!

Sweet Peace Bakery

Ooh! Walking into work today, I got a coffee at TAZA.

And they had cinammon rolls from Sweet Peace Bakery.

They looked too good.

I got one!

and because it was SO DELICIOUS

I looked up on their website:

Sweet Peace Bakery


Making a difference one baked good at-a-time; for the planet, the animals and you.


Sweet Peace Bakery will reduce environmental impact by using ingredients and process that lessen our carbon footprint and decrease animal suffering by providing baked goods that don’t originate from animal products.

Core Values

Sweet Peace Bakery is passionate about…

Providing vegan baked goods and desserts created by a passionate vegan that understands meat-free baking.

Educating our customers about veganism and the environmental impacts.

Supporting organizations that align with the Sweet Peace Bakery vision.

Pirate's Bounty


Oh so gorg

i love donuts more than anything

and these are just too cute!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Doodle Jewelry

another gold mine found on etsy.


Paying my Screen Actor's Guild dues.

Nothing like a full day of work to make you want to pay right up on your next paycheck.

yeah, SAG, yeaaaah

ps--the shoot this weekend was AWESOME. arrival, breakfast, coffee, hair, make-up, WAAAAAAAIIIT....(sidenote, i sat on set for the other actors before me--i wanted to watch the direction, watch how everyone was working so i had the least amount of "lost in translation" as possible when it was my turn.) and then my turn. lights, marks, and ACTION. all i did was scream and laugh and i loved it. turn the wind machine on, hair flying everywhere, saying silly lines and everyone's cracking up. too fun. print shoot after, lots of jumping, lots of delirium over Cincy Bell's 4g network. too cool. :D

wish me luck that i make the final cuts.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Remember this post?

Well, what goes around comes around, apparently.

My big hunky boyfriend put me on a shelf at Target when I wouldn't behave. <--his reason, not mine.


Friday, May 20, 2011