Saturday, April 6, 2013


Isn't that a delightfully pleasurable word?




sounds like a yummy treat.

a gooey melty treat.

a delightfully, deliciously, fried or breaded or fresh or organic or allofthat or just freaking well thought out and executed and yummy yummy yummy.

(my neighborhood!)

as part of the brooklyn flea
hosts a food flea market

now through november 7th.

(my mom thought that AsiaDog was awful.)
(sooooo yum)

i'm going OFTEN.

james and i tried to go to yoga 
(emily succeeded)

jogged instead
went to smorgasburg
and ate everything.

you'll see a lot of food pics OFTEN.
because i'm delighted this exists four blocks from me.


(fried anchovies! i didn't eat them!)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

drum roll please!

there's something about a good pair of friends that never fades.

there's something about growing as young women with a good pair of friends.
something about the diversity.
the play of personality.
the way you share everything, love everything, experience everything, together.

there's something about them that just doesn't quit.

mary and genevieve

and i'm feeling incredibly nostalgic.

these are women that i want everything for.
these are women that i would do anything for.
these are the beautiful women that grew up with me when i was growing as fast as i could.

i'm excited to celebrate with and for them!

do you have friends like this? friends you'd do anything for? i'm grateful for mine. :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New York Places: The Strand Bookstore

The Strand Bookstore 
is one of those places
that every New Yorker and non-New Yorker know about.

(18 miles of books on three floors)
(famous writers through the ages have spent countless hours here,)

it's a used book store.
or a liquidated book store.
or a something book store where you get a lot of books for cheap
(but not cheaper than the library, boys and girls!)

but it's the kind of place you can get dreamy in.
if you have the time, the patience, and can detach from the hordes of folks milling about
you'll feel transported,
and open for chance.

there's nothing quite like stumbling upon a good book.
there's nothing quite like having a book call your name
reaching up,
picking it off the shelf,
and realizing you have just enough dollars to buy it.

the place for dreamers.

Subway Reads: Ma, he sold me for a few cigarettes

everyone reads on the subways.
everyone that can, at least.
even parents read to their kids!
and sometimes i read to philip!

that's it, cell phones or books
and i chose neither for the first six to eight weeks we were here
mostly because i just didn't have a book.

i haven't talked too much on here about the 
lack of a plethora
of things
we brought (or didn't bring) with us,
but i still can't believe i haven't worn holes through all the socks i have 
stretched my jeans out too terribly.

i didn't have a book!
and then one day,
i was walking to the train,
and lo/behold there was a book table set up.
with little irish people behind it.

and, apparently,
because it was the weekend before St. Patrick's Day
was giving away books


about Irish things.

they asked only that you took one. 
new books

i asked the lady what her favorite was,
and she didn't have an answer,
so i picked up a memoir.
i always love memoirs.

turns out,
is one of the most awful/most beautiful books you might ever read.

one book in a series
this is the real tale of a baby/girl/child
growing up poor as heck in ireland in the depression ages.

she suffers a lot of things
mostly - an abusive step dad and being smarter than him.
he uses it to his advantage, often beating her and making her work for the family
while he sits on his ass and eats all the food.

i wept.
a lot.

i hugged philip and asked to be held.
i recounted tale after tale after tale in the book
completely appalled and abashed that this happened/happens/is happening.

I highly recommend it.
I'd ABSOLUTELY read the rest of the books in the series,
and i'm happy that this is the one book that kicked me back into my reading habits.


Cheddar's white fedora
was probably the best Event of my family's entire visit to New York City for me.

Don't get me wrong.
The few days they were here were miraculous.
I love them, and they love me!


You can't miss that fedora.

Am I right, or am I right?! :D

shell shocked

you know
how something happens

something BIG

and no matter 
how much you've planned
or how much you expected it
or how much you prepared or dreamed about this BIG thing

it still takes you by surprise?
the reality of it is so much more substantial than anything your dreams could have ever given you?

holding your new grandson?
missing the friends you grew up with?
winning the lotto?

oh wait - who know what that feels like? ;P

New York is kind of like that.
I've dreamed of this my whole life, and I never knew how or why or where or when I'd end up here, but I knew I would, and that dream has been burning alive and bright for always.

It's shocking, in the good way.
Jumping into water,
sky diving for five minutes.
Falling out of a tree and landing on the ground with nobody to see you.

Doesn't kill you, you feel a little more rounded out after it, and overall, it's just the things to really kick your butt into gear, into LIVING. you can't stay stagnant in a city like this. to do so goes against all that this city is. this is a city of action and movement, and moving is what makes opportunity.

MOVING is what made this opportunity.

Super Days


I've been experiencing lately, an onslaught of what is to be known as 
"Super Days."

It usually happens like this.

Philip works.

Philip works all day long, and we both just got paid.

and suddenly - 

like magic
i have this long, languorous, lovely day ahead of me 
in which i can and will do anything i want.

i've considered laying in bed and eating chocolates.
i've done that
for a little while
but a long, languorous, lovely day needs a bit more substance 

So they start out great.
In an effort to "track" my life back to its most optimum happiness

I chart out what i have tried and true tested to be
"good for me"

i wake up early
but not too early
9 am.

i walk to yoga.
i take a yoga class.
i come home,
and then do something wonderful.

New York City is THE city where all of my dreams come true.
This is the most beautiful city in the world, and even though the winter has been awful and the struggles have been piling up against us, 
we've done splendidly
and will continue to do splendidly
and this will all continue to GET EASIER.

my Super Days
are the best days in the world.

I work all week,
and then, all of a sudden
i have vacations from gray days.

i'm suddenly yoga-ing with celebrity instructors
having lunch in soho with friends
going to a broadway show
for that matter
any show i can get a ticket to
drinks and dinner with friends
meeting people on trains
keeping my smiling face bopping up

and figuring out just what can of life i'm living right now.