Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i am loving me some red pants.

inspiration! ooh la la!

here's a bunch of adorable things

check out this dress.
heart pockets.
heart buttons down the back.
two-toned pink.
my dream dress.

these boots.
heart detailing.


great shape.
 duh, a belt.

i love it!

blogging about these things is as close as i get to owning them. :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

i h8 bhldn.

but love what they're saying about women's hairstyles.

i went to north carolina this weekend!

here is the first and only unhappy photo from my trip to north carolina.
it's aaron, the sweet, capable aaron, pulling over for the third time to check under his engine.
perhaps we almost did not make it back on sunday evening!
i sat calmly in the front
while aaron pulled over 1, 2, 3, 4 times to see why his 1995 honda civic was spazzing out.

we made it.
made it back to cincinnati, and passed out almost immediately.
i did not do any of the driving.
which was actually making me bonkers. :)
i was a passenger, incapable of driving a stick shift! how terrifying!
a learning lesson is indeed in order

but here is actually a very happy photo from this trip to north carolina.
the "No Caro" is a place I had never been before.
and over the thanksgiving weekend,
as in,
wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, return sunday
i visited it.

i met aaron's mom and daddo
and hilarious birds, marty and pava(sp?)
i slept in a guest room and on the couch
and aaron and his padre worked on aaron's car all weekend.

north carolina was quite uneventful.
other than
all the wonderful chatting that happened
we ended up going out to dinner with friends of his parents every night!
thursday: thanksgiving dinner with a close group
friday: italian dinner with a jovial two
saturday: fancypants dinner on the top floor of a private club in downtown charlotte (which, by the way, has incredible views and divine furnishings.)

and after dinner friday and saturday, aaron and i bopped out (the way "young people," do,) and met with old friends of his, which i found endlessly entertaining! i love childhood pasts!

who woulda thunk that sleeping, napping, and getting dressed for dinner would be so exhausting? :)

there's something to be said for spending five days getting to know everybody around you,
five days in a place pretty much on your own.
with aaron working on the car, i was left to myself to create meaningful connections, or suffer the consequences that come with self-imposed isolation.
thankfully, aaron's mom proved such a wonderful woman, and by day three i was immensely more conten than before.

hopefully next time i will get to see more of the fantastic charlotte, north carolina!
the very beginnings of it seemed absolutely divine. :)

inner outer

i feel happily like a child in play clothes today.
not that the above photo, the child model "scandal," really epitomizes my mood
it just has more to do with the

suede pumps
gray tights with black hearts
dark brown trousers, rolled to the shins
cream sash (aka, "belt," to keep my pants up!"
pink and cream striped shirt
bright yellow sweater
hair in a bun, on the very top of my head.

sometimes, it's delightful to dress the way you feel.
in fact, while i'm thinking about it,
i'm certain
does a much more effective job of it
than i do. :)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

yoga for free!

i just learned
that i can get
yoga exercise videos


off of hulu!

very cool!

i mean, they're no move your hyde
but perhaps they will do. :)

anthro kills it

anthropologie's look books always rock
their price tags do not.

too bad i wouldn't pay for this EVEN IF I COULD.
i'm on to your little game, retail. i know what's up.

what's that? bitter? me?

srsly, though, how beautiful are those photos.
so beautiful.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

quietly shout-ing

aaaahhh, i forgot about this video.

i made it two months ago
on a sunday when all i wanted to do was party.

well known fact: "shout" is my favorite song
oft sung in showers
and requested at weddings

my good friends humor me
whilst i'm always the only one SHOUT-ing

here comes the sun

what is your sunshine?

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

EVERYONE loves these

that's right.
do you know ANYONE that does not love underwear?
pretty much everyone at least likes it a little bit.
especially if it's new and pretty.
the most giggle-inducing clothing since second grade

so beautiful

so gorgeous
taking my breath away!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday, November 19, 2011

the lost series: Giving my Unsolicited Opinion

Mary Schrader, when you get married, you need to buy a dress from this Designer: Jenny Packham

Every single dress in her new collection reminds me of you.

Even the unconventional ones.

On second thought, just buy one of these gowns immediately and just wear it to get pizza. Maybe they'll give you a free one bc they think it's your "special day." :)

adorable things