Wednesday, September 12, 2012

breakfast detritus

the birthday party two days ago was great fun.

and now,
for the first time since moving in
my fridge is actually stocked with food.

it hasn't been stocked for multiple reasons
1) it turns out i don't need that much food at home
i'm paid in meals at work, and one only needs so much.
2) even if i didn't get paid in meals, i get home much too late for dinner.
3) since i get paid in meals, i'm obviously not making a fortune in paycheck so i don't have any cash for that, anyway.

the fridge is stocked.
with bacon
cinnamon rolls
two cartons of eggs
and a whole additional quiche.

i'm eating it bit by bit
thank god
or i'd walk away being a carb-loaded blimp of a woman.

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