Thursday, February 2, 2012

SAG makes me change my name

so, for anyone who needs to know, I was required to change my performance name, per SAG.
Basically, they called me and said, "ohmygod! we shouldn't have let you have "allyson west" four years ago because phonetically, it sounds like an older "allison/alison west" in the database.

lucky me,
i've plans to change my legal name to my professional name,
to avoid confusion for EVERYONE on all accounts.
and THAT MEANS that as soon as my legal info is finished processing,
i'll be able to switch back to my beloved "Allyson West,"
and have a new birthday.

here's what i ended up sending to SAG yesterday, along with my new signature:

To Whom it May Concern:

As per notification on January 31, 2012, it has come to my attention that the Screen Actors’ Guild illegitimately granted me the use of “Allyson West” as a professional name when I first joined SAG. Upon speaking with Diane Parets, I am choosing to use the name “Ally West,” as my professional performance name under the Screen Actors’ Guild.
To note, this change of name is temporary, as Ms. Parets informed me use of my legal name of “Allyson West,” as my performance name will be granted by SAG at the time of my complete processing from “Allyson ----” to “Allyson West” in the state of Ohio.
The only option presented by Diane Parets, representative of SAG,in terms of my name conflict (which is due to SAG’s initial processing of my joining,) was that of altering my current professional name. I was not made aware of any liabilities SAG may or may not have in terms of this error, or my full options (if many, or any) in terms of my rights to my granted name, even if that name has been granted in error.
I understand the rules and procedures governing the Screen Actors’ Guild, and am pleased to follow them.

Thank you,

Ally West

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