Friday, August 17, 2012

life in full swing

things are back to "business as usual,"
in the life of allyson west

and when i say, "business"
i mean, "fun." 

i'm DOING things.
my life is ALIVE.

i moved into a new apartment!
i love being home, being there, sitting at my desk and tippy-typing all morning on various things.

i hang out with friends
go places
concerts and music and food and chatting

i exercise at night
i sleep in
i love my life
love the people
love the conversation 
love the fun

i've friends who say YES with me
who plan things 
and agree before we even know how to make it happen.
we do things
we go places
we sing and shout and LAUGH nonstop
and i love all of these things

my life is full of energy and love.
i love it.

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