Friday, August 31, 2012

the no good, terribly rotten, very bad day

was a pretty rotten day.

you wouldn't think it
by looking at that picture of me above
where i'm wearing stripes
and kicks
and holding a mini-golf stick

but it was. 

it started by waking up too late.

in a world right now
where all i do is run run runrunrun
you'd imagine that getting an extra two hours of sleep would feel like heaven.
but it didn't
and i woke up a crankypants
"so much free time! so much time that is mine! wasted!"

i settled down.
drank some coffee.
talked to philip about our plans for the day.

who knows? he said.
we have five hours before we need to be at jeremy's apartment, volunteering to set up for the Big Race,
we can do whatever we want!

we decided on batting cages. or mini-golf. or a silly duck boat tour of the ohio river.
one of them, we'd decided which later,
but for now, some coffee, some lunch, and we'll see what happens.

we did that.
i had a headache.
and we made our way to fairfield for batting cages.

i want to hit things! my body yelled, so i was pumped.
and then the batting cages were closed, so we did mini-golf instead.
and i was very excited!!
mini-golf! what a great thing.

in which i improved slightly
and philip remained very good,
philip receives a text setting the tone for the evening.
we were, after all, very pumped about our first ever 5k in which we'd decided to run.
we'd been training for a month
and by training, i mean, running and walking and jogging after work (11:30 pm - 1 or 2 am) in the downtown area.
philip, however, was not to take part.
the race, a "fox and hound" 5k, gives the lady runners a five minute head start. they take off, and five minutes later, the "hounds" come racing after them, trying to catch a foxy lady.
philip needed to go into work,
and i needed to go sulk in my bed at home till it was time to get ready for the race myself.

so i did.
and i ran.
and it was awesome.
and philip got finished with work early and ran down and met me.
and we got ice cream
and the ice cream man gave me the wrong flavor and too much hot sauce

and i couldn't understand how a very terrible day could actually be such a very, very good day.
so we ate ice cream and watched a movie, then kissed each other good night, and i fell asleep like a rock to eliminate the terribly good day variables.

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