Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Super Days


I've been experiencing lately, an onslaught of what is to be known as 
"Super Days."

It usually happens like this.

Philip works.

Philip works all day long, and we both just got paid.

and suddenly - 

like magic
i have this long, languorous, lovely day ahead of me 
in which i can and will do anything i want.

i've considered laying in bed and eating chocolates.
i've done that
for a little while
but a long, languorous, lovely day needs a bit more substance 

So they start out great.
In an effort to "track" my life back to its most optimum happiness

I chart out what i have tried and true tested to be
"good for me"

i wake up early
but not too early
9 am.

i walk to yoga.
i take a yoga class.
i come home,
and then do something wonderful.

New York City is THE city where all of my dreams come true.
This is the most beautiful city in the world, and even though the winter has been awful and the struggles have been piling up against us, 
we've done splendidly
and will continue to do splendidly
and this will all continue to GET EASIER.

my Super Days
are the best days in the world.

I work all week,
and then, all of a sudden
i have vacations from gray days.

i'm suddenly yoga-ing with celebrity instructors
having lunch in soho with friends
going to a broadway show
for that matter
any show i can get a ticket to
drinks and dinner with friends
meeting people on trains
keeping my smiling face bopping up

and figuring out just what can of life i'm living right now.

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