Tuesday, April 2, 2013

shell shocked

you know
how something happens

something BIG

and no matter 
how much you've planned
or how much you expected it
or how much you prepared or dreamed about this BIG thing

it still takes you by surprise?
the reality of it is so much more substantial than anything your dreams could have ever given you?

holding your new grandson?
missing the friends you grew up with?
winning the lotto?

oh wait - who know what that feels like? ;P

New York is kind of like that.
I've dreamed of this my whole life, and I never knew how or why or where or when I'd end up here, but I knew I would, and that dream has been burning alive and bright for always.

It's shocking, in the good way.
Jumping into water,
sky diving for five minutes.
Falling out of a tree and landing on the ground with nobody to see you.

Doesn't kill you, you feel a little more rounded out after it, and overall, it's just the things to really kick your butt into gear, into LIVING. you can't stay stagnant in a city like this. to do so goes against all that this city is. this is a city of action and movement, and moving is what makes opportunity.

MOVING is what made this opportunity.

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