Sunday, June 3, 2012

mods n rockers rally

i saw one of the most amazing things in my life!

all in one spot, at one time.

Friends of ours hosted the Queen City Mods vs. Rockers rally yesterday
where scooters and motor from all walks of life joined hands for a benefit ride

it was AMAZING.
they met down at Fuel Coffee
where I caught up in the am after yoga
and everyone just chatted and coffee-ed and had a nice time together.

the ride went to rabbit hash, ky, where i was, unfortunately, left out.
but everyone met up in northside for a big festival from 2-8
the  bikes showed up around 4, JUST AS I WAS LEAVING FOR WORK
but, STILL 
what an amazing thing.
i love festivals, i love causes, i love lots of people being together.

aaron and i took the bike out this morning to brunch
and i just love being on the back of a bike.
riding feels so, so good.

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