Sunday, June 3, 2012


so i'm pretty sure aaron bought an engagement ring.

also, i know he reads my blog regularly so this is also a fun way to let him know that my ears are WIDE OPEN for any mistakes he makes regarding dropping information about "said engagement ring."

here's my evidence

first of all
he found this AMAZING, beautiful ring on craiglist for like, SUPER INEXPENSIVE.
and then he made really quick plans to meet with this guy at a jewelry store and have it inspected
then he called the jewelry store and asked about re-sizing and if they could appraise a ring not from their store, etc, and they all said yes.

and he did all this with me in the room.
in the middle of the afternoon, i'm napping
and aaron gets a call and he sounds very business-like
and, granted, i'm in the middle of a slumbering stupor
but the next thing i know he's kissing me on the head and then just GONE
and i go to work
and come home later

and he says NOTHING.
no words, no follow-up about all the ring business
he's left a decidedly blank hole in the middle of the day
and if the ring ended up NOT WORKING OUT
he would've told me, right?
because he would've been on the hunt, still, right?

so i'm pretty sure an engagement ring has been purchased.
and now i'm waiting for him to let any hints slip, muahahaha

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