Friday, June 8, 2012


aaron and i had a Senate lunch yesterday
because i love fancy lunches
and i love trying new restaurants i've never been to
and i love nice daytime dates with aaron
and i don't like drinking at night
but man, oh man, give me a cocktail midday, and i'm all set and rarin' to go.

the food was great, of course.
we did quite the bout of sampling.

i got the lucy lou, a lemoncello cocktail
and aaron got the kitten fizz, a raspberry, st. germain concoction.

his was better,
and mine was a little heavier than i expected, which didn't bode well with my absolutely delicious potato and leek soup, which was creamy, flavorful, and delightful.

we ended up at the bar, as,
at 12, when the joint opens at 11:30,
it was already packed,
but such is the case when you're restaurant is tiny.

i think the small-ness of Senate works in its favor,
but also,
at the same time,
if you're trying to try out a new place
it's always going to be really difficult to get a table
and i think that might make me a little pissy after awhile.

 aaron got the Lindsay Lohan, an all-beef hotdog with bacon, goat cheese, and caramelized onions,
and i opted for the Dan Korman, a vegetarian red bean cannelini and fennel dog, with plenty of arugula, goat cheese, and balsamic glaze.

pretty good, aaron's was loads more delicious and flavorful than mine.

we shared some of the truffle fries, which were quite delicious. fat, crispy outside, soft inside fries with large salt chunks for that perfect fried, salty taste.

i ate too much
because i didn't have time to sleep it off before work
and so i napped
and got grouchy
and spent the rest of the night wishing my stomach didn't feel so full.
i guess fancy lunches are only great when one has nothing to go to, afterward.

well, NOW I KNOW.

senate was nice
and pretty on the inside
but i don't think i'll be back anytime soon.
it's not something i kick up a craving for, only a curiosity.

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