Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Big Cupcake Challenge: Abby Girl Sweets

stephanie continued our rampage--UM, i mean, our scientific collection of cupcakes today at 
Abby Girl Sweets.

We broke down Taste of Belgium piece by piece,

but it turns out,
it's really hard to judge an Abby Girl cupcake piece by piece.

It's definitely a thing you need to experience as a whole.

First of all,
the cupcakes LOOK gorgeous.
They're simple.
They're not floofy.
They look like the flavor they represent,
and actually,
there's a nice uniformity to the display that represents the Abby Girl Brand.

We like simple.
Simple is better than too much floof (on nearly everything.)

We picked up three, and split them in half.
Peanut Butter
and Key Lime.


We began with the peanut butter.
I was impressed with it's smell, right away. I could smell the PB as I went to chomp into it.

We took long, lovely bites, and exhaled in happiness.

Stephanie mentioned it was moist, fresh. 
We discussed that it's decidedly a Peanut Butter cupcake, 
and not actually a Reeses flavored treat, which somebody (meaning me) might assume.
The choco cupcake is good--but light on the choco.

The icing was heavenly.
Creamy, smooth, portioned well.
It melted in your mouth, didn't stick to your tongue, 
and stephanie "liked that the icing's not 50 ft in the air."

per the peanut butter, most of the flavor was in the icing.
but once you complemented it with the cake, it was good.
we both found it decidedly sweet, decidedly sugary, but hey, peanut butter's gonna be that way when you mix it with powdered sugar, right?

next up.
i loved it.
the cake was more chocolatey
the icing was more creamy
stephanie loved it
we devoured it.

i was taking notes, so i devoured it more slowly.
but devour it i did.

by cupcake two, we found our theme
"we keep eating abby girl cupcakes."
"we don't talk about them so much"
"they're perfect as a whole."

for an Abby Girl treat, you really need the whole thing.
the consistency between flavors is amazing.
this cupcake was decidedly like the last,
but equal in flavor and experience.
we both liked the cakes held well and were moist
and both delivered what cupcakes should deliver:
a compact, full, cake and flavor experience.
it was perfect.

last up.
key lime.
stephanie oohed! when we cut this one in half.
inside was a cream filling.

we lifted, we bit, we savored.
the first bit really hit home
the flavor develops STRONGLY, quickly
and then pans out really fast into a gelatin-like key lime taste.

it was okay.
very sweet.
with a dryer cake.
the frosting was the perfect complement, still
and consistent with what we'd come to expect, two cupcakes in.

We ended up talking to the owner who stepped out of the back to ask where we were from.
I mentioned I lived in town, but Steph was here, and we were doing a cupcake tour for the sake of science.
The owner laughed, asked where else we'd gone, and we had minor discussions about our TOB experience.
Then she talked a little bit about Abby Girl sweets, and I learned that actually, her sons, DUDES, bake the cupcakes---she just sells them.
She said years ago one of her sons started showing up at family events with delightful treats, and nobody had any idea he could bake. Then he just kept at it, and now, here they are! Right in the heart of downtown.

The store is cute.
They do a lot for themselves by embracing the cute factor of cupcakes and painting their store in pinks.
We both wished it had more of a dine-in experience.
We ate off of napkins and asked for a plastic knife.
We'd love a small dining area that was comfortable,
and we'd love more of these.

We rated Abby Girl Sweets

star star star star

we'd absolutely recommend these
but we wouldn't necessarily drive ten miles across town to buy them.
or would we?

i think the kicker about Abby Girl Sweets was how sweet they actually were.
We were both happy after one cupcake
and a little too sugar-ed up after 1.5.

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