Friday, July 6, 2012

Cupcake Challenge: Take the Cake

we went to 

and we were
of delighted.

first and foremost
walking into Take the Cake
was like walking into a happy little space of your life

we spent a few minutes looking at the uncomplicated display
taking in the variations of a theme
with beautifully thick icing and shards of a topping
then purchased two, a cup of coffee, and a glass of water.

the space inside was gorgeous.

a long raw wood table was our pick
lined with funky chairs
and facing a big window dripping with garland-y.

we took photos.
split our cupcakes,
and took a bite.

"you know this was only $2.50, right?" says stephanie
and i practically choke on my coffee because i can't believe it.

we've bitten first into her choco with cream cheese icing, drizzled in caramel, and topped with choco garnish.

the cake is heavy.
compact, cuts easily, and holds shape
not sticking to our fingers
not falling to crumbles on the way from fork to mouth.

the flavor is light, but thorough
just enough chocolate to hit the back of your throat
just enough moist cake to fill out the rest.

the icing,

to pair with the cake
(you'll remember we both loved how light abby girl sweets were yesterday,)
so, consistent
but not hugely sugary
and i love that it's absolutely perfect with my coffee.
bitter and slightly sweet = perfect.

the abby girls proved sugary, too much so for more than one serving.
these prove sweet, but heavy, and nice combo for instant cupcake comfort food.

we rated 
Take the Cake

star star star star star

So far, in Cincy, for 2.50 cents per satisfying whallop of cupcake
Take the Cake 
has done it right.

They understand the simple vs. luxury element of a cupcake
pairing simple design with basic skill.

they take the cupcake seriously
and we loved it!

steph said she'd gladly eat another.
i said i'd need to digest more
but i think one heavy, slightly sweet, very moist cupcake from 
Take the Cake
(especially for 2.50) 
is enough to make me drive across town should i ever need a sweet treat.

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