Friday, July 6, 2012

Washington Park Re-Opening

Cincy has had, for the past few years, and as long as I can remember,
a very scary park in OTR.

Washington Park was terrifying for years.
Rumors of violence, homeless people, druggies, shady situations
all flew around this park.
A professor of mine once said a man was shot on her doorstep across from the park.

I obviously never ventured down there.

Cincy had a rap for years as having the most dangerous neighborhood in the US.

And it's slowly changing.
There's a lot of re-vitalization going on.

OTR is proof of that, where trendy, contemporary restaurants are creating and interesting restaurant row  dotted with quality, local shops.

And now, there's the park.

Cincinnati re-launched Washington Park today across from the Cincy Opera House
debuting it as a family friendly, all folks included kind of place.


Stephie and I got down around 10 am to witness the opening events.
Food vendors
singing choirs of japanese children
castle-styled playground equipment
mini water park and fountains
musical play equipment
concert lawn and stage
and lots and lots of smiles.

i'm very hopeful about the new park.
it's gorgeous, lovely, and a triumph for the city.

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