Friday, December 21, 2012

3 am

"Philip! Philip!"

I said.

I crawled into bed. on the tiny side. there was 3/4 bed on the other side.

"philip, i have an amazing idea!"

berrrrrrughhhh, he said, and I pushed him onto his back and grabbed ahold of his shoulders.
i pulled my face really close to his, kissed him on the cheek, then started jabbering about a script i just had an idea for.

philip grinned in disbelief. it was nigh 3 am.

"sweetheart, i love you, but it's 3 am," he said.

i know! i exclaimed! i know! i know what is happening right now! you're sleeping and i'm excited! and i'm going to keep telling you my plan!

and i did.

and then i was too excited to sleep, so i got up and wrote a script for a 1.5 minute mini movie called, "Grown Ass Woman."

Then I wrote the shooting schedule, and scene breakdown, including wardrobe and location.

Then I went to bed.
3:14 am.


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