Tuesday, December 18, 2012

aaaand we're back!

Hey, Folks--remember me?
I went on super sabbatical for ages.

Turns out, I'm bringing sexy back.
and by "sexy back," i mean, I'm back in the blogging saddle and ready to advocate for myself.

I thought about creating a new blog, but why? I have this beautiful one going strong with history and character, and besides, I still love all kinds of new things every day.
Today I love this, today I love that.

Today I love a glorious return.

In case you don't know the good news, and seeing how my last post on September 18th was about moving to New York, I am HAPPY TO INFORM YOU THAT I AM, IN FACT, MOVING TO NEW YORK CITY on January 13th.

It's a bit more complicated than that.

Philip got an offer to work with wd~50. He has a friend who works there, and person to person got a call and an email to show his stuff for a couple of weeks and learn a bit about what cooking in the Big Apple is like.
We were both thrilled, of course, and I very quickly encouraged Philip to go.

Long story short, and I don't remember who posed the idea first, but Philip and I both thought that, well, heck, I'll never have enough money and the time couldn't be any more opportune than now to GO, to MOVE, to GET THERE.

So I started looking at what GETTING THERE would mean at this point in my life.

What it means, technically, is couch crashing. It means we arrive in NYC on January 13th, and stay a week with a friend here, and a week with a friend there. I have two weeks of lodging in the books, and figure that gives me enough time to get a few jobs and begin scraping some NYC rent money together. We'll be packing up all our things throughout Jan. 1 and 10th, and pay our rent through February in the hopes that someone will resign a lease with our landlord and help us get out of our contract. 

I did have a lovely job interview with Mt. Sinai Medical Center's PPHS office, in the hopes of returning to a quiet and focused life of research compliance. Restaurant Management sure has been fun, but man oh man if it isn't exhausting. :)

So I'm planning on just seeing what happens!
Next step is to find someone to take over the apartment, writing a couple of heartfelt thank-yous to friends here in Cincy, and packing up what is making the move/tossing out what isn't. 

I'll need to print off copies of my work resumes and my acting resumes, print out headshots, and make certain I can locate my business cards and voice demos (which I'm finally going to be able to use.)

I need to collect legal documents for both Philip and myself, documents that help us get jobs or new bank accounts, and have all our references at the ready for work and apartments.

Mostly, mostly, I need support and momentum. My landlord is expressing his disdain for this plan, and I need the momentum to prove to him that we can and will do this move! 

Now, who's with me?!


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