Saturday, December 29, 2012



know those moments where you reflect?

know those times where you pause, and gasp, and pull all the air you have into your throat and sigh out with bright eyes and a happy heart all the good you have inside of you?

know those times where you choose to throw yourself forward into the unknown, trusting that whatever you have ahead will certainly be more exciting and more fun than anything you've had behind?

know those times when you laugh all night, laugh all morning, laugh all evening and all throughout the day?

know those times you finally relax and breathe and re-focus when you see someone you love, THAT someone you love?

know those times?

i have those.

my blessings.

i am so blessed for Philip. so blessed to have him in my life.
i love him, and i'm keeping all the promises to myself i ever and always decided to make.



hardly, when i really think about it.

EXHILIRATED is more like it.

pushing the limits
pushing my limits
encouraging and coaxing me onward and forward and onward and forward and continuous.

i think about the scary things sometimes.
but i'll figure them out.

philip and i are laying side by side in bed right now.
he's playing words with friends
and just rolled over to kiss me.

he has no idea i'm blogging about him.

we hold hands together in the middle of the bed and i type one-handed till it gets less romantic and more annoying not to use two.

my blessings.

my spirit.
my soul.
my loves.
my courage.


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