Friday, December 21, 2012


philip was looking at my blog.

"i get to be your ugly boyfriend," he said.

i immediately cried.

"you are Handsome Philip."

you'll need to put handsome philip pictures up, he said.

this is handsome chef philip.
(you can tell he's a chef by the socks.)

this is handsome halloween philip.
we're kids. he's 9, i'm six and a half.

this is handsome cutie friend-of-animals philip.
he had birds all over him!

this is handsome my-mouth-is-full-of-food philip.
very worth it.

this is handsome d-bag philip.
(he made me say that.)

and here we have handsome russian philip.
he likes to dress up and be beard-y.

my point is
handsome philips
are all philips.

so THERE, philip!

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