Monday, November 7, 2011

independence day

this morning i did something that surprised even me.

i watched "American Idol" on youtube.

i've not been into this show for a looooong time.

i mean, if you're attending one of the best musical theatre schools in the country, you're not impressed by green talent with mixed emotion performances. am i right or am i right? i've seen 18-year-olds belt their faces off while simultaneously kicking their heads. so watching "attempts" to honor re-homaged music paced as reality tv is not that appealing.

except, maybe, for carrie underwood.


that's what i did this morning.

i watched her first performance, i watched a couple of season songs, and i watched her final performance on the show.

and i was so inspired!
yay for this woman!
yay for country music!
yay for making your dreams come true.

i want that.

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