Thursday, November 3, 2011

did i mention that i went to a bachelorette party?

well i did.

and it was everything that you would expect it to be.

and in that case, i mean
there were no tigers,
shotgun weddings, strippers,
found babies, stolen cop cars,
illegal gambling, vegas hotels,
lost bridal party, or emotional phone calls home.

that DG up above is Sarah, the bride.
(she'd kill me if she ever saw this on my blog, but she won't, i know, that's why i went ahead and posted my super cool wedding present idea for her here.)

in fact, it was quite tame, i'd suppose.
a club.
a lot of woo-hooing and a lost debit card (totally mine,)
and then passing out from three hours of dancing on the floor of a conversion van while everyone else ate penis shaped cookies around 1:30 am.

that was kind of fun. :)

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