Monday, November 14, 2011

sarah + peter

i went to a wedding this weekend.

a BIG affair.

lot of hours
lots of $$$
lots to do
and lots, and lots, and LOTS
of love.

sarah, the bride,
was almost nerve-free about it.

"it just doesn't feel like a wedding," she said to me the night before as we drove to the hotel room from the rehearsal dinner. "Months ago, it felt more real than it does now."

but then.
the day-of.
(she was all a-jitters.)

i was driving to the hair salon,
and her mouth was running eight thousand miles a minute. :)
her ipod was shuffling through every love song known to man
and we were discussing just how much orange juice she should drink for timing purposes (before practically making bathroom time impossible in the dress.) :)

the boys were adorable.
i saw them occasionally, when i made sure they were all dressed correctly, or talked to vendors, or hunted down the priest, or spun the photographer in the right direction, or helped the florist with her arrangements, or kept track of the bell girls and programs and guest book and baskets of favors. :)

i saw sarah, occasionally, as i zipped dresses, procured lint brushes, clasped necklaces, hung clothing, unlocked and prepared rooms, made sure the groom didn't see his lady, escorted grandparents, and hooted and hollered from the back of the church, slowly, and happily thrusting my arms into the air with rock hands while sarah and peter said their "i dos."

they did!
and they do!

and then we all partied like it was 2011 for the next six hours.
a victory indeed, if i ever do say so.

my two albums of the event
(thank you, iphones!)
are available publicly
here and here.

(in fact, i finally put my camera and iphone away so that i could focus on being more of a guest and less of a documenting nuisance.) :)

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