Saturday, November 5, 2011

Unbelievably Tasty Brunch: The Comet

hey internet.
how's it going?
oh me? just fine, totally fine.

just stopping by to say hey,
ya know,
and mention the most amazing, unbelievably tasty brunch i've ever had.

i'm not gonna lie;
i've pretty high standards for breakfast/brunch.
my parents make pretty excellent breakfast
and made it my entire life
at home
from scratch.

and so i love breakfast!
i try it everywhere!

but i never
died and went to heaven

until i had brunch at The Comet.

now, i use commonly,
what i like to call "exceptionally pleased language."
meaning, i'm fairly liberal with my "amazings," and "totally unbelievables," and "ohmygod this is freaking incredibles!"

which, although i do actually select such language for an appropriate combination of my commentary on reality and my experience of reality,
it does sometimes leave me at a loss.

like now, when i want to tell you about how incredible this breakfast is.
i almost can't.

but, of course, i can.
and the "can" of it becomes impossibly simple.

The Comet's brunch (where i've had a frittata, pumpkin french toast {which is actually a freaking custard delight, and aaron and i both wished we had gotten an extra one for the night,} and aaron has twice had a "hot mess" and probably eight thousand other things since he's been there so often,)....

The Comet's brunch is satisfying.

Very simply, satisfying, to the highest extent of the word.

During and after I've had my breakfast at The Comet, I want for nothing. My life is peaceful, content, and full of possibilities.

I know you could use this experience; I'm certain nobody could ever have too much of this calm.
So please, if you know what's good for you
and by "what's good for you,"
i actually mean, "think it's fun to take my advice."
go eat brunch on sundays at The Comet.
You are not going to regret it.
and you will forever think fondly of your time spent there.
i promise. <3


  1. There is nothing I love more than a good brunch. Those candy corn on top look magical.

  2. seriously, that's what i'm talking about with The Comet; QUALITY. they renamed all the whole menu halloween-themed for the holiday, and threw candy on top of everything. a DELIGHTFUL surprise.