Wednesday, November 9, 2011

getting things for free(?)

i had a flat tire this morning.

and it was raining.

so i walked back into Aaron's house
and flopped on his bed,
collecting my thoughts.

obviously, this stirred him
(as i would hope so, if a wandering presence
suddenly just made herself at home and flopped on your bed.)

what's up, he asked.
sleepy-eyed, sleepy-hair-ed.

i have a flat.

and then i laid there.
because apparently today is one of those days
where having a flat tire
means the end of the world as we know it.

i don't know what aaron did
while i laid there and had a little pity parade
*complete with banners and confetti*
before dealing with my new problem

but then he got up
and put some going-outside clothes on
 "well, we'll look at it and change it and you'll get it fixed."

and we did.
i went and started re-arranging my car
to get to my spare
and find my tools.

months ago, i had a flat tire in texas.
when my dad showed up
he quickly realized that 1) i am pretty useless with cars
and 2) that i didn't have the appropriate tools for tire changing.

before sending me on my happy little way back to Ohio
he super-dad-ed me and bought all the things i needed to fix flats.
soo helpful, right now.
thank you, dad.

aaron came outside
and did all the work.
i started mentally flipping through my recipe cards
searching for the perfect "thank you" recipe.
at one point he asked me if i had the "stick thing" that went with the jack
as we've discovered that the easiest way for him to
converse with me when it comes to tools is to describe them physically.
sunday, he asked me for the "little, red box full of black sticks" over my right shoulder,
pointing, and i turned and picked up a case of allen wrenches. ;)
we found the stick thing in a box my dad tucked in my car, and he continued.
and then it was finished, spare on, tools put away.

aaron  kissed me and i kissed him and we parted ways.

i called my boss.
we discussed tires.
and decided i should just go ahead and get them looked at this morning.
(i'm going to a wedding this weekend, and if new ones had to be ordered
{and tires ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ORDERED with my car}
then I needed as much time as possible.)

so i wound up at tirediscounters.
and anxious.
because i know nothing about cars
except that they cost a lot of money.

i obviously need new tires
they told me.
and they're correct, i sure do.
i obviously cannot afford them right now
i told them.
and they understood, i just can't.

so i sat in the waiting room
and looked out the big, glass panel into the shop
watching the mechanics.

all of them.
watching all the mechanics.
because they kept coming to the window
and rough housing
or goofing off.

and then smiling at me.


i could not help but smile back.

"all the mechanics are flirting with me"
i texted aaron.

"lol u pretty girls have it easy :) "
he texted back.

i look ridiculously sweet today.
light-brown suede wedges
fuschia, knee-length skirt
peach blouse
coral cardigan
an amused smile.

the mechanics start punching each other.
and laughing.
and looking at me.
and giving me big smiles.

i chuckled.
i waited.
for a loooooong time.
and then my car was ready.

"you're good to go," said Heath
**i saw his name on his shirt**
he handed me my keys, a print-out with tire estimates
we chit-chatted
i walked to the counter.

"no, you're good to go," says Heath, again.
i haven't paid.
"i haven't paid yet." i say.
"don't worry about it, you're good."
and then Heath smiles at me and kind of nods his head.
and i just accept this wondrous fortune i've just been handed,
thank him,
and breeze out the door.

five seconds later,
a huge gust of wind
showcases my blouse's penchant for undoing itself:
my buttons unhooked down to my waist.

i turned bright red
and prayed to god this had nothing to do with my
free tire patch and labor.


  1. holy canoli! you are one lucky gal when it comes to free

  2. @ashley, simple. flash the girls.

  3. HA. HAHAH. HAHAHAHAHAHHA. Can. not. stop. laughing. Please move to Chicago so we can be IRL friends. sigh.