Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cincinnati's American Sign Museum

i became "Said Date" on Saturday,
for the second time,
taking aaron on a date;
the first time being a magical night of dancing and bayou tunes
 in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

but i kind of cheated,
taking him some place that i've been wanting to go for over a year.

but  what can i say!
things are better when you're sharing!

so, it counts. as a date.
a fun one. :)

ANyway, the American Sign Museum is very cool!

an old guy named Tod,
who's been in the Sign Magazine Industry for years,
up and started a museum six or seven years ago.

and now,
he roams the country
paying big bucks for big vintage signs.

and then sometimes giving tours in cincinnati on the weekends.

the tour is GREAT.
Tod, our tour guide, proved a hilarious compendium of knowledge,
sprinkling all the historical, factual information
with personal opinions, antidotes, and very heartfelt facts
("that was the original artist for our studio...yep, died in the shower of a heart attack one day,
a big man, just up and keeled over.")

amidst all the wonderful personality, he proves an HAVEN of information
answering all my pesky questions, like,
"what do they use to make different colored neon?"
"what are the prices on neon letters/inflation rates/how much does this cost?"
further illuminating (get it? "illuminating") everyone on the very fascinating, very interesting
history, production, journey, blips, tricks, and essence of Neon Signs and signage, in general.

it was quite amazing.

 i absolutely recommend that you go.
ten bucks a person for a weekend tour, given three times on saturday at
10:00, 12:00, and 2:00 pm.

we spent the time after
at Allyn's Cafe,
and the afternoon, picking up aaron's trials bike, and
i lost my mind playing with a five year old who likes to be kissed.
woohoo! kisses!

Evening spent at The Blind Lemon
(ummm, srsly. i totally posted on this yesterday, spur o' the moment)
where friends of aaron's
and happy acquaintances of mine
were celebrating an hours' old engagement!
Congratulations, Liz + Fiance'!

it was quite a blissful weekend,
 quite the happy days and evenings.


  1. You two look like such a cute couple! This makes me want to sing......Aaron and Allyson sitting in a tree.......

  2. @laura, k-i-s-s-i-n-g all the time

  3. I have been DYING to go to American Sign Museum and The Blind Lemon. DYING.

    P.S. I'd like to thank you and your amazing blog for keeping me thoroughly entertained for hours at work today. You have the best stories. Seriously, who gets their tires patched for free (I walked out of TireDiscounters with a $1700 bill) and has multiple marriage proposals? Love!

  4. @Lara, I LOVE that you read this!
    the stories just happen, such is my life. :)

    ALSO. thank you for back-reading my blog. sometimes i do that, and i super love seeing what i was into months ago. :D