Tuesday, November 1, 2011

pssst, mischief managed: Queen City Walking Tours

that person i like
my "Said Date,"
on previous occasions, referendum in blogging
took me on a date last friday.
a cool one!
which is common, but man! it was cool!

we did the
through Downtown Cincy
(a sometimes terrifying place in its own right.) ;P

let me just say that it was literally a FREAKY awesome time.

our three hour tour
complete with three silly tour guides
dressed in reminescent period clothing
filled us in on all the happenings in a three block area for the past hundred + years, or so.

the tours began when the city of cincy requested the touring company to expand their ventures and provide recreational experiences for citizens across the tri-state.
and the premise is exceptional.
based in fact, the tours come to fruition
from cross-referenced stories.
stories told from multiple perspectives, having basis in actuality
with witness accounts
newspaper reports
significant life events and changes to back them up.

and then they bring in a psychic.
and they take her on the tour, without telling her any of their learned research
and she has all these freaky moments that back up all the research they've uncovered
and then, like very freaky magic,
the tour is born.

and then you bring in the poor saps
like the two above
who pay money to freak themselves out.

which, by the way, was super fun.
we walked the tour for three hours
visiting the streets of cincy
memorial hall, music hall, and 1313 vine st.

the two halls were UNBELIEVABLE.
like all performance spaces,
they totally, absolutely carry an aura with them
in a way that could easily and most usually
be counted as haunted.

i flipped out over those two places.
gorgeous. amazing. beautiful architecture. history
we even snuck up onstage at memorial hall
and snapped a picture
(mainly because we both knew that any normal house manager of that space would FREAK OUT
if they knew that we were actually up there and
subsequently encouraging the rest of the tour to be so emboldened.)

and in 1313 Vine, I again, flipped out
but mostly because the SPACE WAS TERRIFYING.
it used to be an old goth-freak-dominatrix club called "The Warehouse,"
in which WHO KNOWS WHAT happened.
we walked into the main room, and i immediately freaked out.
squeezed my eyes shut.
wrapped around aaron.
and whimpered?
perhaps i did, i'm a grown woman, so what! :)

and did i mention i grew up with ghosts?
very true. in my parents' home in texas.

ANyway, we made it out alive
and when the tour guides started leading the tour to suspecting
"activity and haunts are verrry common here! just look at our blinking EMF"
i stopped freaking out and realized again that it was all just play.

play, indeed.
very fun play.

i was so happy!

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  1. That's too cool! I have band practice every week at Memorial Hall, and a concert there on Dec. 10th! Sounds like a fun tour! :)