Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WHOA! happy anniversary, mom and dad

27 years ago
my parents met in a dance class in college
(my dad liked looking down my mom's shirt.)

they got engaged after eight weeks
and hitched ten months after that.

they then had a son
and another one
and a daughter
and a third son
and moved to farmersville

then another daughter
two more daughters
and a final son, chester.

and basically, mom and dad,
congratulations on your union and
i want to say thank you for
giving birth to all of us
being in love
and active problem solvers/communicators
throughout your marriage

look at all you have given me, your children, my brothers and sisters.

your love is our love,
and our love is unending.


  1. this post just made me cry at work. hahaahhahaha those pics are so beautiful. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  2. @EMarie- yeah, girl, those parents are rocking it out.