Tuesday, October 25, 2011

if your name is Sarah Barner, do not read this post

Dear Sarah Barner,

First of all, stop reading this post. What are you doing here? Did you not just read the title?
I just figured out what I'm making for your wedding, and if you continue to read this, you're going to spoil the surprise.
So, stop.
Seriously, cut it out.
What do you mean, "why did you post it online if you didn't want me to read it?"
Seriously? Because it's awesome, that's why.

So, here it is, and it rocks:

A map.

Ta da!

A map!

I'm getting you a map. and happy, little map flags (i'll seriously make my own if i can't freaking find adorable map flags for you.) and a really great marker. and i'm going to mount it on foam board and frame it. and when beautiful, wonderful, amazing things happen in the future of your life, the future of your life with your soon-to-be husband, you can map them. First Home. There's a map flag for that. First child. There's a map flag for that. Heck, even your Honeymoon! Map it. 

Sarah, my love, my friend, my dear, your life is a history waiting to happen. 

I love you.

idea heavily borrowed from oh happy day
thank you for consistently being brilliant

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