Wednesday, March 28, 2012


a couple of days ago
i had a very
 to make.

i needed breakfast.

a small one.
i wasn't too hungry,
but i'd be working non-stop at Taste of Belgium for the next five hours
and there's no way i could go to that shift without putting a teensy tinsy bit of fuel in my tank.

i just needed a bit.
and it needed to be carb-y.

so i looked at what we had.


and i looked at how much was left.

not a lot.

i thought.

i poured about 1/2 of the eensy beensy bit of cheerios that was left into a bowl. it covered a little more than the bottom, but really! honestly! i didn't need a lot! i wasn't that hungry!

and then i looked at the bag.

there was still 1/2 an eensy beensy amount of cheerios left in the bag.

what to do with them?

do i eat them? i mean, it's 1/2 an eensy beensy amount. but if i eat them, then i've overeaten what i need and i just don't want that to become a pattern, ever.

do i toss them?
NO. of course not. i hate wasting food.

do i leave them?

that if aaron just so magically happened to want cheerios between this moment, and tomorrow morning, that he would be FLOORED. in all honesty, WHO LEAVE A 1/2 AN EENSY BEENSY BIT OF CHEERIOS IN THE BAG?

well......i do.
and i did.
i took my chances.
aaron had eat two bowls of cheerios that week, and we had three kinds of cereal.  the odds were in my favor that he wouldn't want cheerios today, and i wouldn't have to over eat, and i would still have another meal for tomorrow. the odds were in my favor.

like i said
i took my chances.

later that night
i'm lying on the couch upstairs, exhausted.
aaron heads downstairs.
and i just know.







i hear the cabinet door open, i hear the box in his hand, and i hear him scream.

he comes upstairs, looks at me, and i look dead back at him:

"Cheerios, right?"

**in my defense, i ended up explaining my rationale to aaron in the following moments as he stood dumbfounded that anyone would leave 1/2 an eensy beensy bit of cheerios in the bag. i even explained about "the odds in my favor," and "taking a risk that you weren't going to want cheerios tonight!" he just shook his head. "sure, it makes sense. in Allyson-World."


  1. This may be my favorite post yet. I love it! I always experience the eensy beensy amount of cereal in the box and often contemplate what to do with it. Unfortunately, I usually eat it... or share some with Peter.

  2. "sharing"

    that magical glue that holds couples together! :D