Friday, March 16, 2012

here we go!

my brain is only half-way working.
i'm putting make-up on.
aaron is somewhere putzing around for his morning.
it's 6:15 am.

he's eating breakfast.
i'm cutting strawberries.

i'm pouring milk
he's getting his lunch ready.

there's five dishes in the sink.
one cutting board.
three knives.
one bowl.

aaron reaches in
grabs the bowl
opens the dishwasher
and puts it in.

he closes the dishwasher.
walks away.

i start to laugh.

"what's so funny?" he asks.
nothing i say.
"what is it?"
he probes.

i begin.
"there's five dishes in the sink and you just put only one of them away."

he says.
you didn't need to pre-wash those anyway

(never mind the fact that he used two of the knives and left them on the counter when finished.)

"if i put them all in"
aaron continues
"then my hands get wet."

"then you wipe them off with a towel as you walk away,"
i say.
"if i was you, i would've put them all away at once."

"ohhhh," he says.
aaron hugs me.

he doesn't want to crab.
i get crabby about chores. :)

i say
"it's not about my dishes or your dishes.
it's about getting the job done.
putting one dish away
when there are five that need to go in
doesn't get the job done."


Aaron and I are learning how to live with each other. 
I'm kind of nervous.

"What if it doesn't work out?" I ask him.

"Then, no big deal," he says.
"You can leave right away to New York."

I like that he's so matter-of-fact about it. 
Gives me proof I'm in love with a sentient human being, 
a person that makes choices and chooses to be nice to me. 

I'm not officially moved in yet.
but it's happening. 
and it's kind of AWESOME.

it's quietly perfect
in that 
aaron and i are both busy all the time.
i'm gone all day working
and gone most evenings and weekends, waitressing.
aaron's at the theatre all the time
and so the days are just flying.

i keep saying that all of a sudden i'm going to be out of my apartment and in with him
all in the blink of an eye.

we're preparing for it.
we've begun talking about writing the equivalent of a pre-nup/lease type of thing
something to provide structure
as we navigate forward into what it means to live with someone.
we're discussing which furniture to keep
and which furniture to pitch.
where to move things
where to put my clothes. :)

finances, romances, bills, love, and dishes in the sink.
here we go!

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