Friday, March 9, 2012

i think i love you

“I think I love you, “ he said.

His eyes cleared, his cheeks flushed, and so did mine.

“I do, I really think I love you. And that's not something you say often to people, 
not people you just met!”

My cheeks flushed too. They usually do.

“I’m very okay with that,” I said.

Love, after all, is a heavy, present, tangible thing, and by no means a reason to freak out.
Seeing how, this man wasn’t my boyfriend.
Seeing how, my boyfriend was sitting across the table gawking at other young women.
Seeing how, I had just finished one of my many acting diatribes where I unintentionally launch into my passions/opinions/beliefs. Probably my eyes flashed, probably my hair flared/curled, probably I scared him.

“I think I love you, “ he said again, and he held my gaze clear and steady.

“I am grateful for your open heart.”

Our conversation continued as normal.

Be brave about it.
Handle it when it arises, recognize it, choose what to do with it, and be grateful for it.
It is your life, the color of your individuality, the existence of YOU in the world that is singular and important.

Seek the truth.
Recognize the truth in those things you cannot help but feel.
If they cannot help but to be PRESENT, then you cannot deny that they are not honest.

You are the first person to validate your existence.
Do more than that,
The universe is yours for shaping.

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