Tuesday, March 20, 2012


i've been jogging lately.


i haven't really liked jogging before.

but, before, it was all about results.
i wasn't jogging fast enough i wasn't working hard enough i wasn't pushing myself

and now, i breathe.

it's not about the distance.
it's not about the pace.
it's not about the speed or the sweat or the stench.

it's for the joy of it.
the stretch.
the use of my body.

one step at a time
i'm relaxing

the fact that i'm alive and i'm me and i'm happy.

i'm practicing happiness when i jog.

i've been struggling with the "choice of unhappiness" lately.
such wonderful things in my life
an aaron
a job
two jobs!
lots of auditions
lots of love

and i still struggle
i still tend to fret
tend to tears
tend to loneliness

i will continue to plant seeds.
i will continue to plant love
to tend and water my garden of life.

i will continue to jog for the joy of it
and not focus on the outcome.
i will tend to the present
tend to the here, the now
tend to the consideration of the ones in my life.

the important part is getting up,
getting out
throwing on my jogging shoes
and enjoying the sunshine.


  1. Love this post!... I think we all struggle with this from time to time.

  2. do you think?
    "time to time" gives such faith that it will pass.
    it's so interesting experiencing these things for the first time EVER.