Thursday, March 22, 2012

people are different

i grew up in a house full of laughter.

a house full of sunshine
and a house full of connection.

every morning
all my brothers and sisters and my parents and I
would branch off into our days.

we'd go to school
we'd go to college class
we'd go to rehearsal or practice or tutoring sessions.

someone would take the little one to the baby sitter
and someone was already gone for hours at work.

we lived our lives.

every day
everyone collected back at home.

one by one by one by one
we'd walk in the door
find someone else
say hello
catch up

and then continue on.
CONNECTION came first.

"hello! i'm home!"

"okay! how was your day?"

my coach/teacher/professor/boss was in a good/bad/awesome/okay mood.

we connected.
and then split off again.

after the hello
after the "i see you, i love you, you are important to me,"
we would go to our rooms, the shower, outside, the living room, wherever.

and life continued.

this is what i'm used to.
this is what i love.
this is what's different.

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