Monday, March 26, 2012

non-wedded bliss

so things are going well in the land of non-wedded-bliss.

first of all
i'm working like a maniac at the bistro
and it is ENTIRELY paying off.

in one weekend at the bistro
at most, a total of hmmmmmm
fourteen hours?

21 dollars per hour?
i can get into that.

granted, friday night
i had one table
but it obviously balances out.

for this job, too.
even though i'm working like a maniac
and i always smell like waffles
i paid my entire student loan bill last month
and all my other expenses
on these tips alone.

*sings praises*

and in all honesty,
once i get used to working all the time
and knowing what it feels like to have dead feet and such
once i get used to all of that
it's not so bad, at all.

i was thrilled beyond belief to come home and see aaron working on the house.
the house was a complete and utter bachelor pad before i moved in.
and now, shazzzaaaaamm! in the space of like, THREE DAYS,
it looks absolutely gorgeous.
i mean, it's getting there

but once aaron finishes off some odd-jobs he's been working on
and puts his tools away
and clears out some junk

you can really see the result of all the time and $$$ he's put into this house!
the kitchen is TO DIE FOR,
super amazing gorgeous.

i'm really looking forward to getting in and essentially "accenting" it.
aaron has all these really amazing things in his house
that will really make a nice, warm atmosphere
once they're shaped up, just a bit.

so i'll come home from work,
and aaron's painting the ceiling
or organizing
and we just start chatting about everything and anything and all things.

and yesterday i went for a couple-miles jog (wahoo!)
ran errands
made us dinner
and it was just super spectacular!!

i'm so happy to be hitting
such a nice and comfortable place
with aaron in this new home!

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