Friday, March 23, 2012

i moved!

this is aaron.

he makes me smile.

he makes me smile
when he's standing next to a cheery blue book case and a lime green couch
stuffed in an elevator
on the second journey
to the house that he owns
that he's taken to calling "our home."

I moved!

Six months ago
Aaron asked me to be his roommate.
i said.

then we started dating.
and six months later i'm bawling and crying because my work didn't pay me what they said they would (LESSON LEARNED, EVERYONE,) and Aaron looks at me and says, "you could always move in here if you wanted to. i want you in here with me, if things start falling apart."

and then i thought about it for two weeks
my apartment! my pretty things! my bills!

and then moved in asap.
aaron and i wrote a co-habitant agreement
and i spent the week moving my boxes o' stuff, over.

and then, last night, last night!
we got it all moved over
and i turned in my keys.

"i live with you now," i said, to aaron, and we hugged.

so that's it!
i moved in!

loads more stories about life as a young couple to come!

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