Saturday, March 17, 2012

photo tech

oh so here's a good story.

a couple of days ago i needed to print out head shots.
i was freaking out.
i needed to do them by friday and i HAD ZERO TIME.

but then time opened up
and at the end of a very long, very busy day
i dragged my heels to Walgreens to use their fancy new computers and get these babies printed off.

the photo tech guy had blonde hair and ear piercings and tattoos (things that earn "first dates" extra points on my "First Date Rubric.")

and he was nice.

he asked if i needed help,
i said nope
and submitted my order.

he liked my pink boots.
he said.
and my wild red hair.
he said.
i was very pretty,
he said.

and i thanked him.

my pics came out
and they were messed up.
my head was cut off!

so we had to do them again.
he pulled my info up on the computer
by my phone number
and re-submitted the order.

i always wait for the photos
because it's soooo much easier than making time to go back to pick them up.
you'd think this would be simple, right?!

twenty minutes to fill.
so we chatted.
how are you?
what do you do?
things things things

i learned a lot about him.

he works at walgreens
doesn't get paid enough for what he does
so has recently got an apprenticeship with an AC company.

he has 3/4 of his degree
and is really upset about the fact that his choice to "leave college" sounds a lot like "dropping out."

his favorite color is green
he has three dogs
and he likes one particular old lady at walgreens' the best.

why do you ask me theses things? he questioned.
because i like talking to you, i said.

my photos came out
they were pretty close to perfect
(even though he forgot to print off one set of my pics but i had already spent so much time there that i was just ready to get home and didn't tell him.)

he gave me a huge discount.
so i went from paying 60 bucks to 20 (THANK GOD.)
and i left.

nearly an hour later
i check my phone:

i immediately respond with a hello.
and an "i have a boyfriend and we're very happy,"
and then i laugh and laugh and laugh and look over and tell aaron.

he doesn't get upset
but i still like to tell him.
my heart is an open book
and i have a habit of reading it aloud. 

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