Saturday, September 24, 2011

are you in Cincinnati?

'cause OTR is awesome right now.

MPMF brings out the best of everyone.

i'm in a cafe, looking killa AND comfortable.
red shoes
gray/black heart tights
form-fitting black skirt
gray sweatshirt
red sequin heart in loose, wild hair

i'm at iris.
which has its doors flung open.

a ROCKING band (the mudpies) has set up two storefronts down 

**also, does EVERY band in the world know that all they have to do is point to me and give me a shout out and i'm theirs forever? because everyone does it. does that make me easy??

they're stopping everyone!
everyone is watching and loving it!
the street is full of so many great, happy, sexy (hello, they're musicians on tour) people!

i keep leaving my table at iris and stepping out to jam!
they're doing a funk version of "boy named sue," which i love!

also, i'm feeling the OTR love right now...
i boxed this morning.
and then jogged.
and now i'm in an OTR cafe, having a very excellent dinner and drinking a chai tea.
yum yum.

if you're not here...maybe you should be? :)
i'm just sayin'...

you're only young once.

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