Monday, September 26, 2011

my new favorite tv show

ohh as many of you know
i'm kinda happy about my new hobby:


one night, i'm youtube-ing mma women fights, when a dear love of mine suggests a new show:


of course, at first, i was appalled.

WHAT?! mma fighters beat up bullies?! THAT SOUNDS HORRIBLE.

aaaand then i watched it.
and of course i loved it.

the fighting is perfect, if you want to watch someone get their ass kicked who needs to learn a lesson.
the fighting is okay, if you're watching for technical specifics, as i am (the mma fighters are obviously so much better than the bullies that there is zero contest.) i keep scrolling back to watch torso-twists and open-ends on the part of the bullies.
the show is AMAZING, if you're into watching buttheads get a taste of their own medicine and wind up crying on the floor.

HONESTLY, how the heck do these chubby bullies ACTUALLY believe they can win these fights?
so many broken delusions.

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