Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Midpoint Education: Beat Connection, Bella Ruse, Belle Histoire, Ben Lapps

Beat Connection
 duh. Beats!
They're great! Go see for some beats. :D 
Aptly titled, you get what you expect when you hear 'em.
On my player, from their myspace:
"In the Water"
"Theme from Yours Truly"
"Silver Screen"
Bella Ruse
Bella Ruse sounds like the kind of music you listen to when you have a new boyfriend.
The kind where you've hit a good stretch, found your love legs, and you're on the prowl looking for some theme song, some something, some perfection to sum up this newest adventure. <3
It's the music you reach for when you've had a big fight and now you're driving home in your car at night from your boyfriend's house. It's the calming, quiet, and here-we-go kind of music that keeps your spirits boppy and present. OR if you made an asshole of yourself in front of a good catch and now you want it to have never happened. yeah. This music is good for that too.
Also, when they get all french (impressive) on you in "J'ai presque peur" and you're wearing tights and a scarf for the first time all season, it kinda makes you feel like when your freshman year in college you holed up in your dorm room over the thanksgiving holiday and listened to foreign christmas music while burning pumpkin-scented candles and dreaming of the holidays. dreamy, and cozy.
on my player, from their myspace:
"Gumption and Guts"
"Dark Horse"
"Push On"
"Like Spinning Plates"
"Heart of Everyone"
"Hold Me Close"
"Remember Me"
"J'ai presque peur"
Belle Histoire
Belle Histoire's got that sound to them that sounds like a lot of things now; pretty good, pretty rythmic, vocalists and musicians very skilled and talented. And that's about it. I like 'em. I'd be pleased to hear 'em if I was reading a book or writing a manuscript in the middle of a coffeshop. They're pretty.

and brand new! band formed spring 2011!
On my player, from their myspace:
 Ben Lapps
"Heartbeat" began, and I was struck by how much it sounded like a rainy day. And then I read the song title, and "heartbeat" immediately makes oh so much sense. Calming, soothing, smooth, peaceful, Ben Lapps is skillful and available with acoustic guitar. His "Making Mountains" is inspiring, would make an excellent background music for personal revelations. ;)
p.s. he's 17.
ladies, hands off. that's just creeps.
On my player, from the myspace:
"I Want! I Want!"
"Making Mountains"
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