Thursday, September 15, 2011

best acting experience post-CCM?

i had a beautiful moment today, 
a mere two minutes of purity and innocence.

i meisner-ed with a real person.

at a conference.

in a convention center.

for my day job.

in the middle of 200+ people.

he was very excited to tell me about his brother in new york who is an actor now, at the age of 54, and how his brother does "this thing with me all the time where we just say things back and forth to each other."

obvs, from my own learning frosh year, i knew exactly what he was talking about. :D

he continued. "for example, i will say 'your shirt is grey,' and then you will say, 'your shirt is grey,' and i will say, 'your shirt is gray,' and we keep going."

ahh, i said, putting sense to it.
"ahh, actually, we're being honest. i begin by saying, "your shirt is checked," because it's true. you would say, 'my shirt is checked,' and we continue making honest statements to each other."

he looked at me.

"we begin with honesty, and an emotion will arise. and when it does, we now have a more interesting truth to use. watch let's just do it."

a: your shirt is checked.

m: my shirt is checked.

a: your shirt is checked.

m: i like my shirt.

a: your shirt looks good on you.

m: your shirt looks good on you.

a: you complimented me.

m: i did compliment you.

a: that pleases me.

m: you are smiling.

a: i cannot help smiling.

....and then i stopped because our Meisner was almost a flirt session (as SO often happens when you begin to connect to other human beings,) and this man was OLD and we were at a CONFERENCE, and sometimes, in society, we have to draw lines to keep ourselves from being confused or in danger or in inappropriate situations like being at a conference with an old man beaming into your eyes, ya know? ;P

i thank him for his open heart, his honesty, his ability to share. in him, i find a kindred spirit, a human heart.
It warms and inspires me. <3

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