Friday, September 30, 2011

i decided my blog has been too boring recently

and that i wanted something rad on it.

and then.

i thought

about candy corn.


i wanted to know how it was made.

i discovered this:

"Candy corn has been around for more than a century. George Renninger of the Wunderlee Candy Company invented it in the 1880s. It was originally very popular among farmers and its look was revolutionary for the candy industry. The Goelitz Candy Company started making candy corn in 1900 and still makes it today, although the name has changed to the Jelly Belly Candy Company." source

i also discovered that candy corn's recipe has not changed sinced it originated,
(which could be kind of gross, but mostly i think it's kind of awesome.)

and also that it is, in fact, FAT FREE.
let's not go crazy here, though. be real. if you're gonna eat candy corn (and i am) you're eating
sugar, water, corn syrup, fondant, and marshmallow.

and if you're eating those mellowcreme pumpkins?
toss in some honey.

and then i found this!

homemade candy corn!
from cakespy

she's got a great recipe and everything.

soo, that's that.
that's pretty rad!


  1. Halloween festivity fun party Halloween festivity fun party yes yes yes yes yessssss!!!!! :)

  2. yeah yeeeaaaahhh!
    if we had friends we could invite them!
    BOO YAH!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! we sound lonely. But I love us!! Lol you sound like Rick and I when we joke about all the guests we don't have over to the apartmemt!

  4. weeelllll....i run an amateur blog....AND you're my most frequent commentor...sooooooo.....

    :D i love that you guys joke about that. so true. too cute.