Thursday, September 8, 2011

Midpoint Education: Bridge 19, Bro. Stephen, Browngrass and Wildflowers, and Buckra which is the first band to have a great sense of humor

Bridge 19
hmmm here's a good thing. i just haven't turned Bridge 19 off yet. I didn't think maybe i'd like them so much--they're a girl group, two ladies, and they're really good...but, i mean, how impressed am i with female singers? not so much sometimes. but BRIDGE 19 is REALLY good. they don't remind me of heart aches (too much) or heart breaks (that much) and they don't sound overly feminine or even close to whiny. I really like them. They remind me a bit of my classic and contemporary country upbringing through the 90s and early 00s, so maybe something like that. they're nice. :)
snap i lost what page i ended up finding their music on, but i listened to all five of their songs, and i listened well.
Bro. Stephen
oh bro. stephen is kinda sad and mellow. only one song, and that was it. it's amazing how much shorter my reviews get the further i get into this festival.
Browngrass and Wildflowers
I couldn't easily find free samples of Browngrass online, so I satisfied myself with the fact that apparently he's old and lauded. Ah well! On to the next!
oooo buckra catches me in the first .2 seconds of their first song. OOOOH. LISTEN TO THEM. RIGHT NOW. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN. Buckra is everything i like in music, CATCHY, ENERGETIC, DANCE-Y DANCING, with a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. In this set of four, without a doubt, I love Buckra the best.
And they DO have such GREAT range! the first song is kinda creole, kinda bouncy and vibrant--right into the second one, a jammish, punky funky jam with really great throwback guitar notes.
and the other thing about buckra? they don't shut up. it's as if there's something on their minds, and they're just gonna say it whether anyone wants to hear it or not. BOLD. BRASH. very appealing. ;)
i'm on Buckra's third song, "Shake Your Baby Fat," AND I AM LOSING MY MIND!! BUCKRA IS SO HILARIOUS, so refreshingly, undeniably original, reminiscent of parody music, but not at all that goofy. So serious. So, so good. I LOVE THIS SONG! It's so quiet and sexy with the music almost quite titillating....and then "shake your baby fat" is whispered in the background, and i am losing my mind over it. :D AHAHAHAHAHA!
and they whistle. rad.
i sure do love "Lawn Man" too. It's about a lawn man who likes to get it on. It's so funny. I'd be thrilled to come to this show!! Good music, good humor!
on my player, from their myspace:
"Crash and Burn"
"Shake Your Baby Fat"
"Lawn Man"

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