Friday, September 30, 2011

let me just say

i'm glad i'm practicing yoga.
at this point in my life.

i'd done it before.
four years of acting school and it wouldn't be an acting school if i hadn't done yoga.

but we never trained in it, never did it rigorously or diligently.

mostly, i tried not to think about how pissed off i was that i was doing yoga at acting school. :)

but i'm glad i'm doing it.
at this point in my life.

i'm ready for it.
i'm ready to focus, to re-shape, and re-energize my mind.
it calms me,
helps me sink and settle into my shape,
helps me find ways to release, relax, re-breathe, reform.
it strengthens me, teaches me, shows me ways to lighten up and push myself forward.

i can feel the tension leave my mind, if only for an hour, thirty minutes, fifteen.
i'm practicing release.
and if only for those few minutes am i truly releasing,
i'm practicing it, bit by bit by bit.

that makes a body and a heart feel good, ya know?

**also-- my studio kicks ass. only power yoga, and if you don't watch out you get the russian nazi for a teacher who is ruthless. 

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