Friday, September 9, 2011

red glitter shoes

i bought this dress from modcloth a week or so ago (mainly because it's YELLOW, and it's AMAZING,) and have been toying with ideas to accessorize it perfectly.

because, honestly, if i can't reach perfection, then what the hell good am i? :P

it was really killing me, what shoes to wear with it. let's pretend that i want to wear this dress to the midpoint music festival. and i totally wan to rock loose hair and red lips with it. well, shoot, what shoes make it perfect?

nudes are too nude. nude and yellow is kind of blah.

green would be fun. but then i'd really need another accent so i didn't wind up looking like a sunflower. orange or brown or red, somewhere. and i'm weird about my greens anyway.

blue would be the best, and i really loved this ampersand heel, but of course, it's 130 dollars and already out of stock.

black kills me. i mean, black is great for everything, but it really has the power to suck the vivacity out of an outfit, if you know what i mean.

and then, red. red would be fine. especially if i paired with a red belt, red lips, right? but it's still lacking the VA VA VOOM that i want with every outfit i throw together.

 and then it hit me like a ton of bricks.

Red. Glitter.

of course! how could i have missed it?! red glitter shoes ALWAYS make the statement i'm going for. :)

so i started researching red glitter heels, and they all look pretty trampy. This isn't a sexy dress, by the way. Not the kind of sexy that requires a four inch heel and a platform toe. and i don't want to sex it up that much, anyway. i'm a casual-sexy kind of lady--don't kill me with pornstar-esque bullshit.

so maybe i'll make my own. :)
i love the $39 urban outfitter suede pump, and as much as i hate diy-ing up a perfectly good pair of shoes, i'm totally into this red glitter idea (which i've done before,) and I'm more than happy to go all out to be able to keep this pair of shoes in my shoe arsenal.

i'm living with a pair of freaking designers now, i'm certain they can give me some advice. :)

and i already know i love the martha stewart tinsel red (which i've used before.) it's glittery without being GLITTER. shimmers. the kind that you can use on your nails and lips too, if you so desire.
which, let's be honest, i probably do. ;)

how would you guys style this dress? i'm more than open to ideas and suggestions.
love love <3

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