Monday, October 24, 2011

the bread phase

my grandma makes bread.
*made* bread.

christmases, visits, just because
she made bread.

 and it was so, so good.
and so, so impressive.
shazaaam! bread!

i'm obsessed with baking bread.
have been, for years.

i devour baking books on bread.
spend all my time in barnes and noble reading the bread cookbooks.

but i never have.
not yet.
granted, i'm just now growing capable.
i'm out of school. thinking ahead of having an apartment in a city, somewhere.
and luckily, happily, the bread phase of my life will commence.
"bread phase"
the time when all my friends will remember gaining at least three pounds. :)
bread phase only lasts for so long.
after the initial phase, like all "phases," it then becomes a standard facet of my life;
one, i must say, that will be a valued skill i carry forward.


  1. I will gladly gain three or more pounds to eat your baked bread!

  2. true friends. that is what true friends are for. :)