Thursday, October 13, 2011

the pleasures of yon thursday morn

i had the unexpected surprise of card shopping this morning.
this very early morning at 7am, in one of the dirtiest meijers in the area, i realized i was in dire need of not one, but THREE cards for different events, and had to get them now.

it's an interesting kind of folk that go to meijer at 7am, i'll tell you that.

and quite honestly, i wasn't sure what the card selection would be at such a place.

and then i was doubly surprised.
NOT ONLY was i card shopping at 7 am on a thursday morning in a dirty meijer,
but the card selection ROCKED.

it VERY rocked.

it rocked so hard that i let my hair down and perfected a slow headbang/whoot combination while reading four cards.

then i bought six of them. :)

don't judge me. i know i'll need them one day, and they are SO GOOD.

cards by just wink


  1. hahahahahahahaha! who knew Meijer was the place for all of our sassy card needs!

  2. I love the "Goodbye, you won't soon be forgotten" card!

  3. @Laura, i KNOW. too good to pass up. :D